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Thread: Grizzly Gunsmith Lathe Review

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    Grizzly Gunsmith Lathe Review

    I've owned this machine for a couple months and I'm so pleased with it I thought I'd do a review and share info on what I feel is a high quality lathe. I was in the market for a metal lathe for a variety of different projects. I first looked at entry level machines available in Canada and was far from impressed with the quality in the Craftex and King Canada machines available. They were in my opinion cheap, poorly built sloppy machines. The biggest turn off was a spin of the handles on the carriage felt like there was sand in the gear box.

    For those unfamiliar with Grizzly Industrial Tools is a US based company with a couple massive and I mean massive warehouses in the United States East and West coast. They have factories in China and Taiwan that manufacture their machines to their specifications. Now normally I am not a fan of machines built in China and Taiwan but most machines are built there and because Grizzly sets the standards they are built too you get more than what you pay for in my opinion.

    The machine I decided to buy for my needs was the G4003G Gunsmiths lathe with Stand for $3250 USD plus I paid the Washington state sales tax since I picked it up in person. I had an Harmonized Tariff code that helped me escape paying duty on the machine but I did have to pay 12% taxes at the Canadian border. Grizzly will ship to Canada and brokerage fees are free of charge. For individuals like myself who live in the Vancouver area its a simple dart across the border to their showroom. Unfortunately their product line is so big that they only have a fraction of what they carry on display but it gives you a good idea of their commitment to quality.

    The key features things that stood out to me that made this feel like a good quality machine was how tight everything was with very little backlash in the carriage and cross slide while movement was smooth as glass. I really like the quick change chuck system found on the 3 and 4 jaw chucks the machine comes with. The quick change tool post system it comes with was another added benefit that is not typically found on other machines in this price range and it really is a pleasure to use. Instead of coming with the typical bronze guide steady rests and follow rests this machine comes with ball bearing steady and follow rests. Metric and Standard gear set are included and the power feed on the cross slide makes slow cuts easier.

    All said I love this machine as it comes with many features other machines in Canada aren't available with and the quality is very good in my opinion. My only regret was not spending the extra couple hundred dollars on the enclosed gear box. I have no idea why I didn't.

    That's enough rambling for now. Here's some specs followed by some pictures.

    Standard Equipment:

    6" 3-Jaw chuck with 2 piece reversible jaws
    8" 4-Jaw Chuck with reversible jaws
    10" faceplate
    Steady rest with roller tips
    Follow rest with roller tips
    Quick change tool post with one tool holder
    2 MT#3 dead centers (1 carbide tipped)
    1 MT#3 live center
    Set of six change gears
    1/2" chuck w/ MT#3 arbor

    High-quality NSK spindle bearings
    Removable gap bed allows turnings up to 17" in diameter
    Nine spindle speeds - ranging from 70 to 1,400 RPM
    Easy to use lever controls
    Hardened and ground cast iron bed
    Cuts 4-112 Standard TPI and 0.2-4.5 Metric
    Full length splash guard
    Spindle on/off reverse switch on carriage
    Halogen work light
    Ball bearing steady/follow rests
    Outboard end support screws
    Socket for tailstock lock
    Heavy-duty steel stand
    Cast aluminum gear cover
    D1-5 spindle nose (6 pin)
    40mm spindle bore

    Motor: 2 HP, 220V, single-phase, 8.5 Amps, 60 Hz, 1725 RPM
    Swing over bed: 12"
    Swing over gap: 17"
    Swing over cross slide: 7"
    Distance between centers: 36"
    Bed width: 7-1/4"
    Spindle bore: 40mm
    Spindle nose taper: MT#5
    Spindle nose: D1-5 Camlock
    Cross slide travel: 6-1/4"
    Compound travel: 3-1/4"
    Carriage travel: 30-1/2"
    Tailstock barrel taper: MT#3
    Tailstock barrel travel: 4"
    Number of speeds: 9
    Range of speeds: 70, 200, 220, 270, 360, 600, 800, 1000, 1400 RPM
    Height w/o stand: 23"
    Height w/ stand: 54-1/2"
    Length w/ stand: 61"
    Width of stand: 26"
    Shipping weight aprox 1330 pounds

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    Not bad at all - hadn't realized Grizzly had a showroom in Bellingham.... that is really dangerous knowledge

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    I considered the Grizzly for a long time as well. They are really well built machine and the 4003G comes ready for gunsmithing.

    I owned a Craftex before, and you are right they do not feel good out of the box. After hours of degreasing and adjusting and modifying you end up with a decent machine, but you constantly need to be on top of the maintenance.

    I ended up getting an awesome deal on an Enco 13x40 I could not pass. Other than the outboard spider and small configuration arrangement it is the exact same lathe.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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    Me neither. Always wanted to play around with a gunsmith.

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