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Thread: Dominion Arms DA50 BMG Assembly

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    Dominion Arms DA50 BMG Assembly

    There is a bit of work to set up the Dominion Arms DA50 so it will correctly function on a AR15 lower. So I thought I would make a video showing the process of putting one of these beasts together. There's not too much info about them out there, so if you're curious, here's some 1080p gun lovin info for ya. btw, at the end I have a build cost list. Cheapest 50BMG by a long shot, but this thing is awesome!

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    Excellent video!

    I know you've gone with the Limb saver, and regular Norinco stock. I was thinking the FAB defense GL-shock for one of these. I planned on putting one on a LSS chassis system. The only concern is that that it slows recoil by allowing it to move back with the recoil mechanism. In other words it does come back a bit, so your scope eye relief would have to be good enough for it. For 50BMG I would want 3.5 with 4" like a Night force scope just to be safe. I passed on a S&B 10-50X scope when I bought my 50 as the eye relief was only 70mm.

    Also if I could suggest an Ergo grip. It will fill the hand better for trigger control. Plus it's softer so it will help with some recoil through your hand rather than the hard plastic.

    A couple of the guys on here have shot the DA50 as they tested it before it was up for sale. I managed to see the one Can Am had for sale which was the test upper, while at the Cloverdale gun show. Looked really cool.

    I'll test out the GL-shock on a 308 I have and see how it does.

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    I was one of the people that did some of the first testing of the DA50 upper.

    For anyone that's curious that complete setup there all in is about $4000

    Which is really really inexpensive for a 50 BMG with optics and bipod etc etc. That LRA bipod is not cheap but highly recommended for any 50BMG shooter.

    The lower I used was made up from the following parts

    Stag Arms Stripped Lower Receiver
    Stag Arms Stripped Upper Receiver
    Stag arms Lower Parts Kit
    Magpul Aluminum Enhanced Trigger Guard
    Olympic Arms Buffer Tube
    Magpul PRS Stock
    Hogue Grip
    Atlas Bipod

    Optics were Bushnell Elite Tactical Illuminated 6-24x50 Scope

    This group was using factory reloads from military pull downs.

    This is my 7 shot grouping of my personal reloads tailored to my PGW LRT-3. 750 GR Hornady AMAX projectiles. The lowest shot was my last shot and I totally jerked the shot. Flame on if you like, I don't really care.

    Conclusion. Well I won't claim to be one that is a precision shooter and given I have no idea what the barrel twist rate is. I believe that with some time developing loads this could be a 1.5-2 MOA rifle at best. Which for the price point really is not that bad considering what a name brand 50 on the market sells for.
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    Seague2002 has done up a shooting review video that was fairly well done. Some cinder blocks were harmed. It's probably listed at the end of this assembly video.

    I noticed in his video he uses Rem oil. Yuck. I made that mistake once. When your firearm is stored that stuff thickens up into a yellow sap/varnish like crud. I don't use it anymore.

    Will be interesting to see how his accuracy results compare to Yuri's in order to get an idea of the accuracy. I'm thinking it's cool looking and perfect for the guy who takes it out once in a while to blow stuff up. But not suitable for precision work.

    I think the Armalite AR50 (not an AR rifle) is the cheapest for accuracy work with HS50 being next.
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    New non restricted DA50 with ATRS lower for a non restricted rifle has been released by Canada Ammo. Price is a lot better than previously buying the upper then the lower from ATRS.



    A2 stock isn't included.

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