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Thread: My Hunting Trailer

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    Well these little wood anchors became my new best friend. A couple of screws were starting to strip going into the wood where my door hinges attach to the frame and door. The wood seemed solid but it was clear This needed to be addressed as the door sagged a bit. We used these steel threaded 10-24 wood anchor inserts to do the repair. First we drilled the holes out in the fiberglass and wood to the desired size for the anchor to bite into. The. We used a slightly large drill bit to get the anchor past the fiberglass to screw into the wood. Before we screwed it in we put JB Weld Epoxy in the holes and on the insert.

    To seal the hinge from any water entry in the future we used 3M 5200 Above and Below Marine Urthane sealant and adhesive. It's safe to say that these inserts will never rot out or ever come out.

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    Large update with pictures coming soon.

    Here's a quick look......12v 19" flat screen installed.

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    Now that I am all finished on the trailer for the day and have time to post a proper update.

    Installed new water tank filler, city water hook up and drain for the sink.

    Installed new cover for the electrical hook up.

    New Atwood stainless steel 2 burner propane cook top

    Elixir 12A DC RV power converter. Supports a total of 3 DC circuits totalling12amp DC. Also has space for 3 110V AC circuit breakers totalling 30 amps. I have run two 15 amp 120V AC circuits. Also charges and maintains the battery when connected to city power.

    GFI 110V AC receptacle

    A second 110V AC receptacle and a brand new Atwood Carbon Monoxide and Propane detector.

    And the 12V DC 19" LCD TV thy sucks a whopping 1A DC when running. Still on the hunt for a 12V DVD player but I have some plans for that. Also installed a 12V DC cigarette lighter for accessories.

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    Awesome job. Practically a new trailer now.

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    BACK IN 10 DAYS !!!

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    Here is some pictures from my hunting trip I was on the last 8 days. I have to pickup the RV DVD/Stereo surround sound speaker system this weekend install it. I'm keeping my eye open four some small high quality speakers I can use with it.

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