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Thread: Pietta to release Colt Python Clone

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    Pietta to release Colt Python Clone

    Pietta is a well known manufacture of vintage revolver clones such as the Colt 1873 Peacemaker. Being a owner of two of these low cost reproductions I can say that the quality of their reproductions is quite high and I compare the smoothness of their operation to that of a Swiss watch. This month Pietta will be starting delivery of a Colt Python copy. Traditionally the Colt Python has been a highly desirable revolver demanding very high dollars used. No news yet on what the Pietta Python model 1955 will sell for but even with our low Canadian dollar I suspect it will retail in the neighbourhood of about $600.

    What will this mean for Colt Python owners? Will the price of the highly desirable Colt Pythons decrease a bit due to less demand? It's hard to tell. I personally have always wanted a Python but have never purchased one due to the high price. However I can assure you that when these clones hit the market I will definitely be purchasing one as soon as possible.

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    Anything ever come of this??

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