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Thread: Instinctive Firearm Reviews 1k+Likes Give away! plus Stac Tactical 9mm ammo review

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    Instinctive Firearm Reviews 1k+Likes Give away! plus Stac Tactical 9mm ammo review

    Here we go! Instinctive Firearm Reviews first swag give away.
    The IFR 1000 like+ giveaway will run from:
    January 28th,2017 0001hrs to February 4th, 2017 0001hrs.
    Prize: The winner will receive 250 round pack of Stac-Tactical 124gr 9mm fmj. Stac-Tactical Areios Defense Ammunition Areios Defense Competitive Shooting. Also will get some other swag, stickers, vortex hat.
    Rules and Regulations:
    -To enter the draw each participant must go to and "like the page." "like, share and comment." to enter draw. Winner will be randomly chosen by using
    -Must be 18 years of age and a Canadian citizen and current Pal/Rpal holder. Licenses will be verified. Open to all residence of Canada excluding Quebec.
    - Winner will be contacted via Facebook messenger and will contact to gather license and shipping info.
    - IFR will ship the swag.
    - Stac-Tactical is a great company and is backing us on this give away. Let's help the channel grow and get more Canadian gun content posted.
    - There will be a giveaway for Quebec residences in the near future. Stay tuned.

    Review of Stac-Tactical ammunition;

    Stac-Tactical 9mm ammo review.
    #areiosdefense #Stactactical #9mm #sigsauer
    Today, I shot 100 rounds of Stac-Tactical 124gr 9mm FMJ. I was contacted by Areios Defense Competitive about reviewing a product they stock, which is Stac-Tactical. So we made arrangements and few days later the ammo arrived. Upon witnessing the great packaging and cardboard box, I knew this was a good brand. Made in Quebec, Canada, Stac-Tactical has been in the business of making ammo for a long time. They support our troops and take making ammunition seriously. Upon further inspection the cartridges were well assembled, no raised primes or nothing. The rounds were packaged in plastic bags of 50 rounds. Clean shiny brass and bullets seated well. Hard to explain but the feel of the ammo as I loaded it into my Sig Sauer P226R was lovely. Feels like quality. I took aim and Boom. One hundred rounds later and no issued present. All rounds fired and hit the backstop with force. Here are the specs to the ammo.

    Manufacturer: STAC-TACTICAL, Quebec, Canada
    Licence : 2017(09)-F76714/R
    Country: Canada
    Model Number: AREIOS-9MM124CMP
    Calibre: 9mm, Remanufactured, Brass
    Bullet Weight: 124 GR
    Bullet Style: Copper Metal Plated Round Nose
    Muzzle Velocity: 1000 fps minimum - 1050 fps average
    Bullet: Copper Metal Plated
    Type: Round nose
    Weight: 124 gr
    Bullet Manufacturer: CAMPRO, QC, Canada
    Powder: Winchester W-231
    Primer: Small Pistol Primers
    Primer Manufacturer: Sellier & Bellot
    Brass: Once Fired
    Brass Supplier: Federal Armament, USA
    Stac-Tactical believes in safest ammunition possible and great customer service to the client. They stand behind their ammo folks. More testing to come in the near future. Fired Rounds down range between 3 to 15 plus yards. Some controlled groups and rapid fire. Check them out.
    Areios Defense Ammunition Areios Defense Areios Defense Competitive Shooting Stac-Tactical

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