I just got a used Maverick 88 for a good price. I am planning on modding it for competition. It is just a personal project, probably will never take it for competition. I never modded a shotgun before and it was on my to-do list.

The plan it to chop the barrel, ream, thread and install a choke. I have all the tools to do it, not a problem.

My concerns are with the compatibility with the Mossberg 500 parts. I would like to get either a Magpul or an Ergo grip adapter and AR style buttstock but I do not know if they are interchangeable with the Mav 88.

I will also look at adapting a forend. I know they are pinned on the Mav 88, I will see if I can design and machine something like an adapter or maybe a complete assembly to install a Magpul forend.

Any thoughts, ideas or experience?

It should be here in the next few days I will take it apart and go at it.