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Thread: 10/30 Round LAR magazines?

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    The new batch of Hex should be here mid to end Jan


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    That is excellent news!!

    Thx for keeping us in the loop

    Warmest regards


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    Just sent Barton's an email to see if they can pin down an ETA for their arrival.

    They responded quickly and I thought I would share it here:


    Thanks for the email.

    We have 5000 10-Round Hexmags allocated for us at the Hexmag factory.

    Unfortunately, due to Administrative issues with Hexmag (Being bought out by another company), there has been a slight delay in shipping.

    They will be on their way, we’re not sure exactly when. We estimate that it’ll be in the next 4-6 weeks.

    Thanks very much

    F. Barrett
    Customer Service
    Bartons Big Country
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