I've been passively trying to source a blank A1 lower for a while now (ever since I started my Mk18 Mod 0 clone build) but with the recent prohibition on 80% lowers, my search came to a grinding halt (wanted to also do the Colt M16 engraving to complete the look). Until Colt releases their retro line, I don't think I'll ever be able to get it right.

So, I came across this Norinco lower on EE and it turned out to be an A1 style lower

It's not the 1st gen "slabside" lower or the 2nd gen "partial mag fence" lower but the 3rd gen of A1 lowers with the full mag fence as seen on some older Mk18 Mod0 models.

I know some people have gone as far as re-profiling their A2 lowers into appearing like an A1 lower, but that is a ton of work. There's a really good thread about it on AR15.com:


I doubt I would ever go down that road but now I have this perfectly good A1 lower and I need to do something with it. I just don't know how I'd feel about swapping out my Colt LE6920 lower for a Norinco one though, just because it's a clone correct A1 profile, lol!