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Thread: BCL 102 build/project thread

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    BCL 102 build/project thread

    Anyone following the NEA/BCL 102 will have noticed that they are rolling out a third pre order and the rifles from the second order are starting to be delivered. Also Individual Officer Program (IOP) priced 102 rifles went up on the pre-sale yesterday. So I suspect we will be seeing a lot more of these out there. I ordered a FDE version on this latest 3rd pre-sale. I know of a fair number of others who did as well. So let's post our mods, parts etc for these rifles.

    I ordered a Flat Dark Earth (FDE) BCL 102. It was a tough call between that and black. But all my AR10 rifles are black and I wanted this one to be different and blend in with my FDE cadex bolt actions. Sort of the complete sniper system. Mostly I just thought it would look cool

    Build details (not really a build but that's the common term):

    1) FDE 102 version 2 which includes the ambi functions such as a right/left bolt release.
    2) Norgon ambi mag release if it doesn't include one (which I don't think it does)
    3) Badger tactical latch for the stock charging handle
    4) Ergo grip. Not sure yet if I'll go with regular or A2 style. I'm thinking black but might go FDE. Haven't decided yet
    5) Fab Defense GL-shock stock with cheek riser. FDE colour.
    6) Will check to see the internal dimensions of the buffer tube to see if one of my PWS enhanced buffer tubes will work. Likely it won't as AR10 uses a longer buffer tube but right now all bets are off on the specs of these things. I would like a single point sling attachment at the castle nut area. May have to look at KAC or similar instead.
    7) Magpul MLok short vertical grip in FDE.
    8) Trigger, will see how it is out of the box. If it just needs to be lighter then I'll look at a JP spring to bring it to 3.5 pounds. Otherwise I'm considering an Armalite two stage AR10 trigger. Giesselle is just too expensive and the Armalite can be very good if you know about adjusting it to the lowest setting
    9) MLok Harris bipod adapter. I'm hoping they including a sling screw in point as that's a no cost (already have some extra sling studs) way to get a bipod on there with minimal weight/cost.

    I'm keeping the handguard. I like the look of it, it's MLok and I'll take the extra weight to protect the barrel. While not as handy the heavier handguards do stablize well from bags or a bipod providing they are the right shape and length (not like the crap DPMS GII handguard!) . Plus there is no risk of flexing and touching the gas block etc. They have fixed the QR point on these latest ones so they now actually work.

    10) Optics. It's an 18.5" barrel medium to lighter contour. I'm looking at a jack of all trades here for this one. I have a Burris E1 3-9x sitting here already. I happen to really like these scope as a general all around.
    11) ADM cantilever mount, recon version if I recall correctly. Quick release, and works very well.

    I actually have the same optic and stock setup on my DPMS GII. The Burris E1 scope has a bit of a fuzzy eyebox area. Most would want 1x etc for up close. However you can easily shoot CQB close range with 3x and both eyes open. Providing you have the perfect cheek weld etc and it's solid/quick to obtain. When I put these components including the GL-shock stock with cheek riser (set down flush with the stock), I lucked out. It puts me perfectly in line with the scope. To the point where I bring the rifle up and the scope is right at the perfect height and the eye box is right there perfect. I got lucky. But this makes it fast and decent enough for all around use. Also I've shot groups at 9X at 100 and even 200 without any issue. The glass is bright and clear enough for this to work decently. Further out, I would want more magnification for target shooting. But it's an acceptable compromise.

    12) Sling. I have a couple RCMP copy slings (had one shot tactical make me two copies as they provided them to the RCMP). These are vickers slings with quick release and a slide tab for quick adjustment along with a snap for quick removal of the sling. You can go from single point to two point in a matter of seconds. I find it fairly slick.

    13) Bipod. Harris. Will look at the usual favourite versions. No knock offs though.

    If the barrel doesn't work out, then I'll be going with a Criterion 20" 1:11.25 heavier barrel. These are made by Krieger and have a M118LR chamber. Easy to load for, reliable and accurate. Price is also respectable.

    Anyways, that's the plan.
    I'll post photos as I get the items and the rifle.

    Share your builds/projects!

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    Haven't given much thought on upgrades, as I have a bucket of parts sitting from previous builds and chances are I'll gutting my .223 SPR build
    Stock- I have a UBR,A2, B5 SOCOM and a Vltor, sitting there I'll have to see.
    Grip-I am thinking about an Ergo with the palm shelf.
    Handguard-I'll have to try it out first, with the MLOK it is already pretty light, any change will be more cosmetic.
    Bipod-I'll be sticking to a Harris S and I have a Magul MLOK sling stud sitting there.
    Trigger-I'll probably migrate the Trigger Tech from my SPR.
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    As you can see the only thing im keeping is the upper / lower / barrel

    Optic was an easy choice since I want to hunt and do CQB so Trijicon 1-8 :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by DILLIGAF View Post
    As you can see the only thing im keeping is the upper / lower / barrel

    Optic was an easy choice since I want to hunt and do CQB so Trijicon 1-8 :-)

    Looks pretty good. Will be interesting to see all the different directions people choose.

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    Got some new parts.

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    I'm glad to see if you're going to replace the handguard at least it's a nice one!! I'm not liking some of the ones others are choosing. There's light and then there's flimsy looking.

    For the stock, I've pretty much decided on the FAB defense GL CORE in FDE. No cheek rest. Ergo grip in black.

    Believe it or not but the ergo grip colour has been a hard choice. I chose my BCL 102 to be in FDE. So FDE or black for the grip? I think the black looks better and matches my Cadex stuff.

    Nice trigger choice!!

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    Im still worried how this handguard will look on the Gen 2 might have to send my upper to RPM precision to get it machined to match my handguard.

    Lots of reviews on these but all the guys with tons of parts still seem to be waiting on them. Myself included.

    Should be here in 4 weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DILLIGAF View Post
    Im still worried how this handguard will look on the Gen 2 might have to send my upper to RPM precision to get it machined to match my handguard.

    Lots of reviews on these but all the guys with tons of parts still seem to be waiting on them. Myself included.

    Should be here in 4 weeks.
    Hmmm, or have RPM make one for the BCL 102... The look for the ACR is awesome .

    I'm on the last order so I'll be waiting likely to end of February.

    Hey DILLIGAF, one thing a lot of people new to AR10/AR308 rifles don't know (Not saying this includes you) is that the lock time is the biggest issue with accuracy for these types of rifles. You can compensate by follow through but ultimately the faster the lock time the better. Cadex, Remington 5R etc all have very fast lock times. Although you can't get that fast with an AR10 you can get pretty decent with the Giesselle trigger you chose. Again good choice! Yes that should help with accuracy or at least make the rifle more forgiving to shoot.

    I actually really like the overall look of the new BCL 102 with the factory handguard.. I think it looks great and adds the functions that I want. So I'll be cheaping out and keeping it stock. At least that's the plan.

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    You seem to know WTF is up... so here’s my question:
    I’m going to run a ferro Slingster with HK style sling hooks. I’d like to run a VLTOR SINGLE ATTACHMENT SLING END PLATE - specifically the SASE-2E.

    Will I require a different buffer tube/stock config and if so, what do you recommend?

    Thanks, SoleSpectre (D)

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    Perhaps this is the correct place to ask

    There are a lot of BCL parts coming available, Especially Free float tubes.

    This is a boon to those of use who have a hobby/addition of building stuff like to experiment, and like to use inexpensive but solid parts.

    There is a Gen 1 FDE BCL 102 Take off tube on the other board. Pictures have been sent, and it looks like these have there own proprietary barrel nut.

    However I am uncertain of the threads.

    Can anyone tell me with certainty are the barrel nut threads DPMS or Aramalite.

    Thank you in advance



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