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    BCL Badger

    Anyone have anyone have any details on this and know what itís status is?

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    BCL/NEA is notoriously bad at not providing any info to their products, so other than what is on the page you linked, whether this is their new "NR" submission we will have to wait and see. However the page did mentioned shorter barrel options and looking at the picture, I suspect this is just their new line of AR variants and the production will not begin until BCL has clear out their backlog of BCL102's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CZ Sean View Post
    Anyone have anyone have any details on this and know what it’s status is?
    It's a piston version of the NEA 15 line. So it is restricted. It's an AR15.

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    An old NEA15 carbine. BCL has replaced the NEA carbine line with the BCL Badger, a piston based AR set to be released at the IWA outdoor show in March 2018. .
    We're still waiting for further announcements regarding the non restricted BCL 223. So far that's what most of us have been referring to it as.

    Now.. I think it's only fair to mention my thoughts on their recent naming conventions.... My thoughts on this video reflect my thoughts on the recent naming conventions by BCL. Although I am anxiously awaiting the Navy version of the BCL 102. The Catamaran!!! I might have made that last part up.

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    Interesting. We should be hearing details soon enough, they were hinting at it a couple of months ago, along with the 9mm rifle.
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