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    New Here

    I apologize if this doesn't belong here, but I'm new to the site and looking forward to it. Would love to join the EE, but not sure how to go about being approved. Thanks!

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    Hello, and welcome to the forums!

    Lol, just a standard line a guy from another forum uses to boost his post count.

    To join EE, contact Full Metal Jacket, forum admin.
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    I seem to recall you need to make 4 really good threads such as reviews.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Full Metal Jacket View Post
    I seem to recall you need to make 4 really good threads such as reviews.
    While I like this idea.... Below are the rules and how to apply.. This can be found in the FAQ section in the top quick bar. You'll find a quick link for the EE near the bottom. I hope this helps.

    Equipment Exchange Rules:

    Please note that the Equipment Exchange (EE) is to be used at your own risk. Canadian Firearm Central is not responsible for any losses or disputes related to transactions in the Equipment Exchange. The user is responsible for use of their computer and use of their CFC membership identity. Please also refer to the Forum Terms of use and Forum rules.

    1) If selling or buying items on the EE as a business venture the advertiser is required to be a CFC dealer.

    2) All disputes and feedback should be confined to private messaging and the feedback scoring system.

    3) All advertisements in the EE must have the prefix: WTS (want to sell), WTT (want to trade) or WTB (want to buy).

    4) When an advertisement is no longer required please change the prefix to "Remove". SPF or Sold can also be used if the advertiser doesn't wish to have the thread deleted right away. Please note that Canadian Firearm Central has a 60 day automated delete feature for advertisements. This is designed to keep old advertisements from cluttering up the forum and having people respond to old out of date advertisements. It is recommended that the advertisement be saved as a text file so it can be resubmitted if more time is required. Dealers are exempt from this.

    5) Items are to be posted in the category that is most applicable. Currently on CFC items that fit multiple categories can be advertised in more than one category of the EE. However the items must be listed in an appropriate category. As CFC grows limits may be placed on the number of advertisements and categories an item may be advertised in.

    6) All items listed for sale must include an asking price(s).

    7) Funds are only to be sent after a deal has been agreed upon by both parties. Advertisements using the funds being received prior to a confirmed sale/trade as a criteria for getting the item aren't permitted. The advertisement will be removed and further action may be initiated.

    8) The person advertising the item must own and be in possession of the item. Absolutely no posting for friends, family etc. CFC also requires a photograph of the item with a card that has the CFC user's name (The CFC name used by the person advertising) along with the date. This isn't a recommendation, this is required on CFC.

    9) An accurate description of the item for sale or trade is required. This includes the condition of the item. The NRA grading system is frequently used. Please note that New In Box (NIB) refers to items that are unused and in perfect unaltered condition. Any alterations, modifications etc of the item from it's stock factory condition are to be listed.

    10) There is a Seven (5) day time period required before a thread can be "bumped" or Brought to The Top (BTT). To bring a thread back to the top of the EE forum the advertiser simply makes a new post on the thread. BTT is the most common post.

    11) Illegal items and stolen items are prohibited from being sold/traded or advertised on the Canadian Firearm Central EE. Imitation items known as knock offs can't be listed as the real item and the advertisement can't refer to the trademarked or copyrighted names markings etc as this may be a violation of trademark and copyrights.

    12) No non commercially produced "home made" ammunition can be sold on the EE. Reloading components are fine but no non factory assembled ammunition please.

    13) Canadian Firearm Central Administrators and moderators reserve the right to delete advertisements that don't follow the EE exchange rules, the Forum Terms of Use or the Forum rules. Questionable items or items that may bring disrepute to the Canadian Firearm Central site may also be deleted. The infraction/ban system may be used for violations and access to the EE may be revoked.

    To join the equipment exchange Click here: Group Membership Request Page

    Please note that CFC reserves the right to deny or approve access to the Equipment Exchange. Access will not be granted for those outside of Canada or those using proxies/anonymizer to hide their IP address when accessing Canadian Firearm Central.
    Search FAQ
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    Welcome aboard!
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