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Thread: BLC 102 Take off parts for Econo builds??

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    BLC 102 Take off parts for Econo builds??


    With the release of the BCL 102, there seems to be a huge rush with those that purchase them to remove all the parts right down to the receiver.

    With that, many individual are selling those surplus parts many times at prices that I consider very reasonable.

    Now the builder in me started thinking..........(always dangerous)

    Has anyone picked up these parts to build a budget 308 AR rifle??

    I know NEA/BCL may not be match parts, but I bet one could build a heck of a practice rifle using a DPMS LR-308 upper and lower receiver!!

    I know they are Armalite pattern, but if you get a barrel and bcg to match, there are many great possibilities !!

    You know what they say, one mans junk is another mans project building blocks!!

    I simply pose this question as food for thought.

    I look forward to your constructive thoughts and comments.



    Further, could some one refresh my memory on what the barrel specs are.
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    I'm building a small collection of parts from my buddy's rifle. He just leaves his discards at my place so who knows, maybe I'll have enough to slap together a whole rifle one day.

    I know DILLIGAF has a pile of parts laying around now

    Still lots to learn about this platform though.
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    Far too many unknowns with the bCL 102. The stock trigger is garbage by all accounts, the take down pins aren’t the same size as DPMS, the handguard fits the gen 2 nicely but might look odd on other uppers.

    If you can get then cheap enough then it might be worth a try. The handguard and maybe a barrel is your best bet. It’s a tough call as these seem to be part AR10 and part DPMS LR 308 compatible.

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    Good call, however I should have been more clear.

    I have had a very good look up close and personal at the Gen 1 and the latest version.

    I want the parts I can count on...........

    To my way of thinking, the items I want are:


    -Gas block (NEA usually dose some "weird $hit" to both parts and only their LPGB line up the best)

    -Gas tube (some say this is actual Armalite AR-10 length and spec, but why not work with the default one if you can)

    -BCG - in this case it actually may only be the bolt

    -perhaps the buffer tube, spring and buffer (these are more for reference purposes to see what exact set up they are using)

    The rails are Armalite thread, but NEA has been know to do more "weird $hit" with receiver heights and widths, and simply can not be trusted to line up on other brands.

    The fire control groups are off shore milspec which are dubious at best

    Muzzle treatments - usually not worth the money spent, and I am perfectly fine with a reliable 308 A-2 style flash hider 5/8x24 thread.

    Though I may substitute a quality Jam nut for the crush washer so I can try different styles of muzzle treatments

    These are just my thought



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    have a look at the sticky in regards to part fitment and specs of each. If you find out more info, please let us know and we'll update the post accordingly!

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    Kind of like this

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