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Thread: Initial Impressions - Magpul 700 Pro Chassis

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    Initial Impressions - Magpul 700 Pro Chassis

    A quick, but still informative review of the Magpul 700 Pro stock by SHLowlight.

    I'm sure this has been discussed on other forums, but given the higher quality discussions on this forum, its worth posting up.

    I don't believe a price has been made available yet, but with the feature it offers it should compete well in that market.

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    US MSRP is $999 it is in the same price point as GRS berserker , MDT and Cadex Nuke stocks. their Hunter stock is a really solid piece of gear and have really proven themselves in the bolt action chassis market.
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    Interesting addition. My thoughts on first looking at the specs etc.

    Great feature set. $999 US so around $1300 Canadian. Folding stock, aluminum chassis with magpul polymer covering it. Aluminum V bedding block, folder and can change for left/right setups. On paper it's a winner.

    The only negative is it looks like a bunch of lego blocks and is fairly ugly. Everything else about it hits all the right buttons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troglodyte View Post
    US MSRP is $999 it is in the same price point as GRS berserker , MDT and Cadex Nuke stocks. their Hunter stock is a really solid piece of gear and have really proven themselves in the bolt action chassis market.
    I looked at the GRS Berserker the other day. I like the looks and features of that stock. The only negative is that it's pillar bedded only and not an aluminum bedding block. Otherwise I think it's a very cool option. Personally I would choose the Cadex Strike Nuke over the GRS due to the fact that I've seen it for $750 new and I know some of the Cadex dealers often sell at very good prices. Go Big Tactical on this site is also a dealer. Plus I haven't been let down yet by a Cadex product.

    The MDT chassis systems just don't do it for me. They are close with the latest ESS but just a bit off. Still no folder for the stock. Plus if you use any aftermarket folder such as a Law tactical then your LOP is far too long. So close.. but not there yet. It's a shame as their pricing is very good and I could see a lot of people going for one if it just offered a decent folder.

    I really do like the Cadex chassis, especially the Lite Strike. But the price at $2400 regular price (often you can find it for a deal or if you're mil/LEO there is a discount program). The only thing I don't like about the Cadex is the price!! Now that being said, I have found some Lite Strike Competition Chassis for sale at the $1700 price. I may eventually go this route for a Remington 700 wildcat rifle I have.

    Another competitor is the Accuracy International Chassis which is about $1500 new. At one time I was planning on getting one. I liked everything about it, even though the price was getting up there. Until... I tried one at a store. I found the pistol grip sucked. Too short and I really didn't like the AI chassis, even though I thought I'd be buying one.

    In summary:
    My choices usually go:
    1) cheapest being HS stock such as from a 700P or a 5R milspec. Around $300 used, simple no adjustments Kevlar reinforced fiberglass, with full aluminum bedding block. If they fit you, they are a great no frills stock that just works.
    2) I'm really liking the Cadex Nuke stock. It's inbetween the Archangel version and the JSE stock. Which seems to strike a perfect balance in terms of quality/options and price. Aluminum bedding V block. More cost effective than a Macmillian A5.
    3) Cadex chassis system. Expensive but all the features you could want. Heavy and expensive are the negatives. The competition version offers a more affordable alternative with more simplistic adjsutment requiring tools.

    There are a fair amount of options out there these days.

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    So here's another picture of that new Magpul chassis system along with their new bipod. In this picture it looks decent. I don't know. I think I really like everything except the fore end.

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    Also check out the KRG Bravo, Very affordable and excellent build

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    Go Big Tactical carries them,
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    So a recent update from MDT stated

    We expect the folder to ship by May, and the 13 round mags June / July.
    With regards to the folding stock for the ESS chassis system. This may change things if it works well (ie not a Length of pull change), it's delivered when expected and works well. Just something to keep a look out. Lots of good options out there as shown in this thread.

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